​​​​​​​​About Us

Jason Bell

Main Brain Strategist

Business Strategist & expert authority in the Local Business Niche. Helping businesses maximize their full potential is the passion that fuels Jason’s innovation. At BMG, we build software and create systems that lead to consistent and predictable growth.

Its such a fulfilling feeling to sit down with a business owner, and mastermind about the intended direction of their company to implement a blueprint that creates their desired result: Increased business, more sales, more leads, more customers/patients/clients walking through their door, greater reach, social communication, branding, improved reputation, etc. Knowing I have an integral role in helping a business gain a noticeable R.O.I makes it all worth it!


I believe life is such that we are constantly moving, constantly climbing, and constantly reaching new goals. Our daily choices determine our tomorrow, so why not input the outcome you desire? My life’s passion stems from knowing we are far greater than we can wildly imagine, helping people find the Lion inside them. We can either shrink our dreams and goals to afford our reality, or we can increase our reality to afford our dreams; I choose the latter. There is no “take 2” in life folks, so I believe in going for the gusto in all that I do; laughing hard while working hard keeps life exciting!

Molly Jones

Media Manager

“Enthusiasm is contagious. People join what the feel emotionally connected to, create a movement not a product.”Molly Jones bridges the gap between the real world and the digital world. A social media enthusiast and branding extraordinaire she helps musicians, entertainers, fashion designers, small businesses, body builders, yogi’s and non-profits take that leap of faith into the social media movement.Molly can help you create an on line brand presence that is consistent, salient and effective. She comes up with creative ideas that will grow your followers and increase your brand influence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Linkedin, google+, etc. Social Media takes consistency and time; this is what she does let Molly help you so you have one less thing to worry about.
The future is here, don’t wait start now!